About the Team

The Robodogs Overview Video

The Robodogs, FIRST Robotics Team 435, is a participant in the International FIRST Robotics Competition dedicated to generating interest in science, technology, and engineering among youth. The team designs, builds and tests a robot in six weeks before taking it to competitions. However, being on the Robodogs is about much more than just building robots. The team gives students the opportunity to have hands-on learning experiences in engineering and business while working with industry professionals, discovering real-life applications of their knowledge, and learning important real-world skills that include teamwork and leadership.

The FIRST Robotics Team emulates a real world design team needing team members involved in project management, engineering, computer programming, marketing, graphic arts, video production, web design, and animating.

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST sets up students to match wits with other teams from around the world in a robotics competition. In the FIRST Robotics Competition, students design, construct, program and control a robot to compete in a playoff, the objective of which changes every year. The competition allows students to make the important connection between classroom lessons and real world applications, while providing them with an opportunity to shine. By fostering increased collaboration between schools, businesses and universities, FIRST serves as a unique catalyst for an invigorating exchange of resources and talent, while highlighting mutual needs, building cooperation, and exposing students to new career choices.

Robodogs 2018 Digital Animation Entry

The Robodogs, Team 435, is the oldest and most decorated FIRST Robotics team in the state of North Carolina. The team has won many awards at many different levels of competition including:
  • five time regional robotics competition winner,
  • two time regional Chairman's Award winner,
  • and 2004 World Championship robotics competition winner.

All Wake County area high school students are eligible to apply to join the team. The new member application period is generally mid-July through August.